BINANCE SUPPORT NUMBER +1-888-642-0999: This is what professionals do.


Often, traders scare to contact a third party support agency, but official BINANCE support number isn’t available then how? It is obvious to hesitate while taking help via third-party support it could be dangerous for your account.

Because many hacking incidents took place recently when someone called the third party, people refuse to believe them and wait for a response via live chat support measure. Binance only offers support ticket, not helpful but Binance customer support number is available via some third party.

Phishing attempt is common in cryptocurrency and easy method to get access to the users account. Third party support is one of the method cybercriminals mostly apply to convince trader to believe that they are helping them. Once you allow them to access your account they will steal your funds and left your account empty. Seriously, getting help via strangers can cause your funds in trouble thus, be careful while talking to any stranger for help.

Binance is a place where mostly 80% traders are newbies and barely managing their trading activity in their account. Without any dedicated customer support, hard to fix issues for them thus, it leads them to go and find third-party support. The problem occurs when you accidentally approach to a scam and let them rob your account. In this worse situation, an even official team cannot help you to restore your crypto. With more than 7.8 million users since 2017, the exchange is standing in the front of the cryptocurrency stage and dominates $1.3 billion market capitalization so far.

An interesting fact about this exchange is, its machine engine is capable enough to perform 1.4 million transactions each second. Only exchange to achieve 6.2 million users in just seven months, the exchange is based in China but 38% users are from the USA. One of the great advantages of Binance is its crypto-to-crypto exchange facility and a vast array of cryptocurrency list. The fee in Binance is 0.1% for each trade and deposit is free.

Find Legal Binance Support number 

We are certified third-party Support Company, offer reliable and best solution related to issue with leading exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase and many more. Visit us at and get help related to issue with your account and wallet. You can call us at our toll-free Binance customer Support phone number+1-888-642-0999. We assure you to find glitches free solution instantly and lead you to with a hassle-free account.


What makes HitBTC different than other exchanges- HitBTC support number


Unlike other leading exchanges such as Coinbase, Bittrex, Bitfinex, and Binance that are randomly focused on only cryptocurrencies and don’t support fiat currencies. HitBTC is known for its multi-currency support nature and one of the lowest trading fees in the market. The claims to be the most advanced and trusted exchange platform in the industry. Key features of this exchange are different than other exchanges and allow users to use it for multi-purpose. Beneath are some features which you only get in HitBTC. For help call HitBTC support number or find solution related to the common issues via HitBTC

Endless deposit and withdrawals

If you have an account in any exchange such as Binance or Bittrex, you may have seen that there is a limit for each account. In Binance deposit and withdrawal limits is dependent on the level of accounts a customer posses. To get high deposit limit you need to get the high level of the account via getting verified. HitBTC has no limits for deposit or withdrawal whether you trade with 1 USD or 2000 you will be able to perform a valuable trade with the platform.

A wide range of instrument availability

There are numbers of different tools which traders can apply for analyzing the market condition. The tools are enough to fascinate experienced traders because they get more functionality to perform more operation according to their knowledge. The interface is equipped with run-time market information, can easily freeze high-end traders for a long time. However, for a novice the interface can be a hard stuff to observe but you can ask for help related to the interface. Just call HitBTC support phone number and ask any issue you experience with your account.

There is three level of account for users in the exchange first is General second Verified and third is Qualified. Each level has its own advantages. The level depends on the information you have provided and the higher the level you will have the advantage will get increased.

Many exchanges rely on third-party authentication security such as Google Authenticator. 2FA is also compulsory in the exchange. HitBTC enables 2FA via various ways and also apply high-end security on its website and consistently adding more security measures.

Lowest trading fees

As compared to some leading exchange such as Coinbase, Bittrex etc, HitBTC lends very low trading fees for trading. It charges 0.1% from the traders which are equal to the fees users charged in Binance however, the terms in HitBTC is bit different. On HitBTC the person who takes the coin does get charged with 0.1% fees but makers don’t get charged with a fee, instead, they receive 0.01% rebate from that particular trade performed between them.

HitBTC customer support

The exchange has many different measures to get the spotlight in the industry; however, customer support is a big question even for HitBTC users. HitBTC customer support number +1-888-642-0999 is currently have not been provided by the company. Even though if you are so needed the customer support call us anytime and find us at a reliable third-party customer support.



Binance: the young platform in the industry


Here we are, again talking about the famous exchange platform Binance. It has been one year since the exchange jumped into the Blockchain, it was a successful startup I have ever since in my carrier. The reason behind its popularity is the vast amount of alt-coin it serves to its account holders and the low trading fees in the industry. I was got mesmerized when I first registered to this website. When I registered to the Binance, it has already been populated around people and got many registration requests in December 2017.

As a result, the Binance Support team stopped the registration process and reopened the account registration letter. I barely managed to get the account in Binance in 2017.

So far Binance has achieved unexpected milestones in the industry, and this happens in just 7 months. Now the exchange is playing the game with 1.3 Billion dollars market capitalization in the market and proved to be one of the leading exchanges in the world.

 It is hard to say but many popular exchanges such as Coinbase, Bitfinex etc, are losing their spotlight because of this Chinese based exchange platform and 38% of its customer are from the USA. The future of exchange will be going to be decentralized and users will get the more secure platform to trade accordingly. According to Chengpeng Zhao, they are planning to change their centralized platform into the decentralized platform.

Recently Binance announced that it is going to acquire the wallet app TrustWallet, which also acts as a browser for the decentralized application (dApp). The CEO Chengpeng Zhao also made some changes to the platform for testing purpose in order to analyze the possibilities of success decentralized application. Hope I will go well and in the future, we will get some new crypto services by Binance. Another question I would like to ask Mr. Chengpeng Zhao, that when he is going to add a Binance customer support number for Binance users.

It would be a helpful feature if they can provide otherwise the novice will always be searching for Binance support number on their Browser and let their money stolen by hacker. There are only few third party agencies that provide reliable customer support related to any exchange in the industry one of them is, check out to get help instantly.

HitBTC: The right choice to change investment into profit.


Day by day the Blockchain industry is growing rapidly with news innovative and ingenious technologies and high investment. The industry has become a great platform to grow your funds and many companies are collaborating in order to provide exchange features and wallet facility and what is difficult in trading is how to choose the one which is safe and able to provide robust trading facility to users one the popular exchange platform in the Blockchain network is HitBTC.

My first exchange experience with HitBTC.

When I found HitBTC a European based crypto exchange platform, an easy to use interface the exchange to trade cryptocurrency, more than 300 different alt-coins are available at this site. Most people prefer to buy any alt-coin using their traditional currency, although many popular exchanges don’t apply this information to their platform, however, HitBTC is one of the few exchanges which lets you buy digital currency via cryptocurrency, USD, EURO, YEN, and many other fiat currencies are available to trade in HitBTC.

Everyone likes security.

When it is about to register in a digital currency exchange platform even the novice would like to prefer a fast and secure platform to trade, today most exchanges catch hold security measures such as 2-factor authentication, Cold storage and encrypted software to prevent money stolen. Cold storage is the best way to prevent hackers to catch your funds because your funds are far away from any network and impossible to access through the internet, where 2fa verification is an additional step to make sure the right person is logged into the particular account and encrypted communication is essential to secure your transactions.

Safety first.

Getting the customer support in the right time is a good sign of an exchange however many exchanges are slow when providing customer support to its users, Coinbase has its own idea customer serving phone number, although it is way more than difficult to get any response in time even it is secure. Hacking incident is happening every day and users are complaining that someone has stolen their funds while they were talking to them regarding their issue, it is a risky task to ask for help to a person who pretends to be the official customer support, phishing has now taken a new approach to rob users funds using bad links pop-ups email fraud even the dumb people can steal your money and make you fund-less, it is good to be careful while talking to a service provider.

What do you look when you choose a exchange platform to trade. I myself was stuck in this situation while first time using cryptocurrency to invest. I was looking for an exchange which can easily and quickly change my investment into profit but in order to get profit you need to learn the ethics of an expert trader, I first trade in Coinbase but its fees are very high, I was barely paying the charges it apply on trading facility then I went to HitBTC, it is cheap, safe, and easy platform to start and you can also find HitBTC support number +1-888-642-0999 around the internet, so if you a beginners and trying to best exchange than you should use HitBTC.

Is Poloniex good for trading and provides customer support number?


Cryptocurrency trading now converted in a big industry which is consistently growing day by day. Many exchanges have been launched to compete in the race of exchange business, many exchanges are gaining popularity and dominating in the industry with their unique platform, Poloniex is also one of them. To have a hassle-free service related to your account & call our Poloniex Customer support number and get help instantly.

Poloniex is a US-based digital asset exchange platform founded in 2014 by Tristan D’Agosta and being operated from Wilmington, Delaware. Recently Poloniex was acquired by the Circle internet financial ltd, which is a peer-to-peer mobile-payment technology. As of may 2018, the exchange has gain 25th largest exchange rank in cryptocurrency industry according to a report of media website, and the company is consistently improving its platform to dominate the business entirely.

What is special about Poloniex?

Poloniex is consistently keeping its position in the top trading volumes for alt-coins, with almost 100 different alt-coins listed with the exchange and a daily trading volume of 70 million Dollars Poloniex considered one of the leading exchange platforms.


There are many features in Poloniex that makes it a special exchange, there are many efficient data-analysis tools which you can use along with a full detailed and dedicated chart which help you to make the right decision regarding trades, but for the beginners the platform would be a bit difficult and if you are experienced in this filed than you will appreciate the interface, traders who know the coding of program can easily manipulate the most of the features because most of the trading interface code is executed on the client side, and it is open source and user can create tools operating their account accordingly and can manage and analyze according to their way.

Account verification levels in Poloniex.

There is three level of verification Poloniex provides to its users, there are different limits according to the verification level you go through.

First-level: in this level users are asked to provide their name email address and their residence country name, in this verification users are only allowed to withdraw over 2000 Dollars per day in which you can exchange, trade and lend your digital currency.

Second-level: in the second level requires your permanent living address, postal code, date of birth, passport and phone number. Once your request approved, the limits of withdrawals and deposits will be increased to 25000 dollars with the same functionality which is given in the first level.

Third-level: the person who wants limits higher than the second level can apply for the third level for this they need to contact their contact support directly to reach that level and withdraw the high amount.

How to get customer support number for Poloniex wallet.

Users can find the instruction related to any issue they are facing with the Poloniex account and guidelines for Poloniex settings and platform, but if you looking for a customer service phone number than we recommend you to ask help from third-party support agencies because Poloniex don’t have any wallet support number for Poloniex users you can also contact us to get help related to issue with your wallet account. Dial our toll-free Poloniex wallet service number +1888-642-0999 and get help instantly from our reliable techies.

Coinbase: Why customer wallet helpline number requested mostly?


No one wants to stick on a problem while the market is in good shape and time is good to perform a transaction, if there is an issue in your account you should get the customer support as soon as possible otherwise the hurdle can be cumbersome further, even the popular exchange wallet can face problem while being used for a trade.

Coinbase is a US-based digital currency exchange, launched in San Francisco in 2012 by its CEO Brian Armstrong and Co-founder Ben Reeves. It is one of the popular exchange platforms which are available with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin with fiat currencies in around 32 countries and so far it has served over 20 million customers with the exchange value of 150 billion Dollars of digital currency. The exchange also provides Bitcoin transactions and wallets in around 190 different countries worldwide, for Coinbase related issue dial our toll-free wallet helpline number and get instant help related to your Coinbase wallet.

All about Coinbase?

Coinbase is known as one of the world’s leading exchange platforms for digital currency trade, the exchange has a huge capitalization in the market, as of 2013 it was the highest funded Bitcoin startup and the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Coinbase charges are set according to their market value, it charges the fees ranging from 1.49% to 3.99% according to your payment method, and fees are higher than some other exchanges. It is one of the few exchange platforms that offers credit card transaction for bank transfer.

The exchange allows users to trade some major alt-coins.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash

Unlike other exchanges where almost every alt-coin is available for trade, you can read more about how to buy/sell cryptocurrency and what the withdrawal limits in Coinbase’s support page are.

What Security Coinbase employ?

Coinbase considered as one of the most secure platforms for trading in industry. The company complies all the US laws and regulations apply to cryptocurrency trade. The exchange provides Two-factor authentication verification via SMS login code, Google Authentication or a TOTP you can choose any of them to provide your account a secure login.

Types of account level and limits.

There are three levels of accounts in Coinbase and withdrawal limits according to your account level you can check your withdrawal limit on account’s limit page, you can also apply for increase your limit by verifying your phone number, personal information, and valid photo ID. If you have a level 2 account than your transaction limit would be 25000 dollars per day via ACH and if you have a 3 level account, then you will be able to continue to sell and buy funds on Coinbase.

Why third-party customer support is required?

Coinbase is one of the few exchange platforms that provide customer support number to its wallet users but according to feedback some customers shared in past when they asked for a help to Coinbase customer support they had to wait for a long to get the solution of their problem. It is hard to provide service to millions of customers at once thus users have to wait for a response, but you can contact to a third party if you want solution instantly they will take few amounts to solve your problem. You can also contact us at our toll-free Coinbase support number +1-888-642-0999 to get help instantly. To have a hassle-free service dial us any time 24*7.

Binance review: What features Binance driving into the industry?



Before choosing an exchange platform for trading it is good to have knowledge about the platform and what features and facility it provides to the customer and is it safe to trade. In this article we have addressed the main elements of Binance and how the exchange provides unique facility to its customers and what you can do to get Binance customer support in order to get related to your account issue instantly.

Binance is one of the successful exchange platforms in cryptocurrency exchange business. It has gain implausible popularity in a very short time to period. Binance is an exchange platform that provides digital currency trading to people and this exchange platform is growing consistently in the market. The platform was founded in 2017 by its CEO Chengpeng Zhao in order to provide trading facility to people.

The company is based in China but changed the location when the Chinese government banned cryptocurrency and the exchange currently operated from the island of Malta in EU, as of March 2018 Binance opened its offices in Taiwan.

Options Binance provides.

Binance provides trading in hundreds of different alt-coin and known for its crypto-to-crypto exchange services, it provides facility to trade many different digital currency pairs and offers very low trading fees, it charges 0.01% for each trade which is according to some exchange platforms are very low. Users don’t get fiat currency option in Binance so users wouldn’t be able to buy thing via traditional money.

The market value of the company? 

Binance has had a very successful start in the industry and now the company trade average is more than $1 billion in the market and consistently increasing day after day. In January 2018 Binance platform was suspended because many people were trying to register in Binance. Binance exchange has grown very much and now its market capitalization has gone to $1.3 billion because of the platform’s capability to transact 1.4 million trade per-second with 6 million users worldwide. Binance has gain attention in the US and 38% of its users are from there and its second-biggest market in Japan.

The advantage of Binance.

List of alt-coins: Binance offers more than 120 cryptocurrencies including the major ones such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc.

Low trading fees: Trading fees in Binance is 0.01% for each trade which cost 0.01% ETH for 1 ETH.

Fast Transaction: Binance is capable of processing 1.4 million orders each second.

Security: Security measures such as 2-factor authentication, CCSS, and the Multi-tier and Multi-cluster system architecture to protect the wallet.

Does Binance offer customer support to its users?

No, if you are looking for Binance customer support number than you will disappoint because Binance already states that they don’t provide any customer support number to help their wallet users. Since there isn’t any customer service number from Binance some third-party agencies have come to play this role in order to earn money for their service to users. If you are having any problem with your account you can get help by calling Binance support number to any third party support company. You can call us to our toll-free Binance support phone number +1888-642-0999 to get help instantly